For those in the AI community in London, David White doesn’t need much introduction.  He co-founded Kusiri which was acquired by PWC in 2015.  Given his passion for data and AI, he co-founded where he also served as the CEO for over four years until 2016. is now a reputed and successful company, has raised more than $20m in funding and has several reputed clients.  Before embarking on his entrepreneurial career, David spent eight years at RBS, and his last role was as the head of technology innovation.  David White is now on an exciting new adventure and is the CEO of KeyBox.

David first got involved with us in 2017 as a mentor during the Kickstart Accelerator programme in Zurich.  As an entrepreneur who has “lived” the start-up life, he has not only helped in framing our overall, product and AI strategy but also helped focus on the soft aspects of running a business including managing stress, and motivating the team during rough times.

I’m truly thankful to have some very experienced people on our advisory board who have the ability to make CityFALCON fly high.  See our team and advisory board here.