We’re only a few days into 2016, and there is so much to look forward to. But the passing calendar year also gives a chance to reflect. If you’re like us here at CityFALCON, one thing you might have spent too much time doing in 2015 is reading financial blogs that weren’t helpful, were boring, or otherwise were a waste of time. To stop that from happening again in 2016 we’ve put together a list of the top blogs and bloggers of 2015.

These are the top 55 blogs we found insightful and truly helpful to us this past year, and will no doubt prove to be excellent resources in 2016.

55. Ready to be Rich

On Ready to be Rich all the content comes from a personal, entrepreneurial angle. That’s not to say that much of the information isn’t useful for people who aren’t entrepreneurs, but there is a decided benefit for people with that mindset when they browse Ready to be Rich.  

54. Ask Liz Weston

For years Liz Weston has been one of the most popular financial writers on the internet. The Q&A style of many her blogs ask the questions that you’d be thinking to yourself halfway through any other typical blog post. Her other articles also speak to her ability to take complicated subjects and boil them down to simple terms that anyone can understand.  

53. Squawk Fox

Kerry T. Taylor has been running Squawk Fox since 2006. Part of what makes Squawk Fox so valuable is Taylor takes the time to do real research and math to let consumers know if what’s being sold to them is actually a bad deal. It’s attention to detail is often lost on financial blogs.

52. Boomer and Echo

WIth the voice of a baby boomer who has struggled financially most of his life, and the son of a boomer who is a new dad that has become obsessed with personal finance, Boomer and Echo gives sound advice for people of all ages. This blog provides articles that give any person insight in how to handle their own finances in a smarter way. If you really enjoy it, you can sign up for the pairs advice service that costs a bit more money but lets them talk to you on a much more personal level.   

51.  Chris Umiastowski

Chris Umiastowski is a ten-year veteran of the financial scene, and has had a long career in tech investing. His blog is much more personal than many on this list, but if the finance of tech is something that interests you this is a blog you should definitely follow. For a fee, Chris will also provide personal consultations.

50. Grasping at Reality With Both Hands

J. Bradford Delong had been called one of the more influential economists of his time. He’s a professor, a Harvard graduate and a very engaging blogger. His blog is funded by donations, and while he doesn’t provide much financial advice for people, he does help people understand economics and finance in a broader scope

49. The Big Picture

In 2013, Barry Ritholtz left the his profession as a lawyer to start Ritholtz Wealth Management. Since then Ritholtz has been a force in the world of finance, and this blog is him taking his critical eye and fluid writing style and sharing it with the world. He sounds a bit grumpy in some posts, but the message is always clear and on point.  

48. Pragmatic Capitalism

The personal blog of Cullen Roche, founder of Orcam Financial Group, Roche uses the Pragmatic Capitalism as his way to cut through the myths and nonsense that float through the air like snow in a blizzard. His blog is laid out clearly, and every article is presented in a way that tells you exactly what you’re getting into.

47. Money Saving Mom

Money Saving Mom is a gorgeous website and has tons of tips for families and just about anybody else looking to save more money. The blog also covers religion, as the writer is a religious person, but her advice on business, money and investing is sound for people of all faiths.

46. Finance Girl

Finance Girl isn’t a financial analyst or expert, but a regular person who’s spent a few years learning the ins and outs of trading, investing and how to save money. The blog is virtually devoid of jargon, or long boring articles that can make other finance blogs like reading textbook. She’s informative, engaging, and fun to read.  

45. Give Me Back My Five Bucks

Give me Back my Five Bucks was Krystal Yee’s way to keep herself honest while she worked her way out of debt. She’s long since accomplished that goal, and is now working to financial independence, and she’s trying to help you get there too.

44. Debt Kid

By the time Eric Carnegie was was 23, he had lost nearly $350 000, and eventually had to file for bankruptcy. This blog is his story. He also gives advice on all kinds of topics in finance. It might sound strange to take advice from someone who went bankrupt, but you can follow his progress and judge for yourself if the advice is worth it.

43. The Reformed Broker

The Reformed Broker comes from Joshua Brown, the CEO of Ritholtz financial group. Since 2008 the blog has been one of the most widely read blogs about finance on the web. The subject matter and tone vary pretty wildly, but it’s always a good read with solid information.

55 of the best financial blogs

42. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is less of a blog and more of a massive how-to guide to, well, slowly get rich. Even though a number of people contribute to the site, the voice is well cultivated and they never lose their vision. Get Rich Slowly also boasts lively and well moderated forums so you can join the conversation with any questions – or answers – you have yourself.

41. EconBrowser

While it’s not the prettiest website on the internet (it looks like a site you may have visited in 1997) EconBrowser is a great place to gain a deeper understanding of what’s happening in the world of finance. A lot of the information pertains to certain areas of the US, but even still the information is broken down in a way so it’s useful for people the world over. Plus, every so often they have amazing guest writers from economists to professors of business.

40. Dr. Paul Kedrosky

One of the earliest financial bloggers on the internet, Dr. Paul Kedropsky takes his decades long experience and boils it down to witty, often hilarious blog posts ranging from the finance of technology, to investing, to whether or not GRR Martin is ever going to finish his new book. His background in economics and long time working as a financial analyst are good credentials, but maybe the most important thing of this blog is how funny and well written it is.

39. The Finance Buff

Unlike many entries on this list the Finance Buff isn’t run by a big wig in the financial world. Harry Sits, the writer, and his wife just earn a salary, save and invest. This blog is great for people in the same situation. Rather than talking about many of the highfalutin ideals of finance or economics, the Finance Buff breaks everything down into the simple, digestible posts.

38. Budgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy follows one man on his journey to save as much money as possible. The writing is irreverent, but only to the point that it’s entertaining. You might find the tone and style of the blog off putting at first, but it grows on you and the information makes it worth sticking around.

37. Ellen Roseman

A long time consumer rights advocate and financial journalist, Ellen Roseman has built her career on making the stock market and person finance accessible to people all over the world. She writes from the unique perspective of living with one foot inside the convoluted finance ecosystem, and the with the other foot on the outside as a consumer.

36. Common Sense With Money

Common Sense With Money outlines the best and quickest ways for you to make and save money on a daily basis. It outlines the best deals online, in stores and even displays products that are available for cheaper than usual prices on it’s front page. The articles on the site focus on frugal living, which compliments all the deals and freebies the rest of the site offers.

Investing 101 – Let’s get you started in the stock market.

35. Dough Roller

Since launching in 2007 as a personal finance blog, Dough Roller has strived to do what almost every financial blog does, help it’s readers keep and save money. It has exploded in recent years, partnering with MSN to become more than just a personal blog. It now has podcasts, news, along with all the other advice and tips that made the site popular in the first place.   

34. DailyWorth

Nearly every aspect of life caters to both men and women, but sadly the finance world seems to lag behind in this regard. DailyWorth is a personal finance blog for women that is doing it’s part to correct this problem. The articles are information heavy, but cover areas that so much of the rest of financial blogosphere forgets about.  

33. Money Smarts Blog

Money Smarts Blog doesn’t waste much time building a personality. The writing is good, but the posts are more like bullet points that tell you how to make smarter decisions with your money. The blog even includes links for deals on everything from beer to new TVs.

32. Gail Vaz-Oxlade

On her blog Gail Vaz-Oxlade covers a massive variety of subjects, but mostly she focuses on debt; specifically, how to get out and stay out of it. Maybe a better indicator of how her blog can help you than any quick synopsis we could write comes from the success stories page on her site that lets readers share how following Gail’s tips has lead them out of debt.

31. Million Dollar Journey

This blog began in 2006, and the creator had one simple goal: gain a networth of one million dollars. He accomplished that in 2014, but has continued blogging to give his followers more tips on taxes, and summarizing successes and failures he’s had in the markets. This blog isn’t just valuable because of the advice that’s doled out, but also because you genuinely feel like you are on a journey with the writer, all while he helps you on yours.

30. Young and Thrifty

Young and thrifty main aim is to make more young people financially literate. That goal by itself is admirable, but even for older people lacking much of the basics of personal finance, or those who are financially literate who want to learn more, this blog takes a laissez-faire writing style and applies it to very important topics, and will genuinely engage you in taking your own finances more seriously.

29. Naked Capitalism

If you’re a person who’s optimistic about the markets, or really excited continue your personal financial journey, Naked Capitalism may not be right for you. But, if you’re the kind of person who thinks critically, and wants a better sense of what’s happening in the the financial/investment world, Naked Capitalism will tell you, and it won’t sugar coat any of it. It can be a bit bitter, but we all need some bitterness in our lives to remind us why things are so sweet.

28. Five Cent Nickel

Generally focusing on the finances of home ownership, Five Cent Nickel covers much more, often using analogies to make break everything down. The writing style isn’t the most verbose in the world, but the blog contains so much valuable information for people looking to stop their money worries, or plan for retirement, or really anything when it comes to money, that it deserve a spot on this list.

27. Cult of Money

The name might sound a little creepy, but there is method to the madness. The blog makes the case that acquiring more money can be broken down into following certain ritualistic practices. Depending on your line of work, or how you’re saving/earning money, those practices could be different, but we’re willing to bet this blog has it covered.

26. Make Love Not Debt

One thing these blogs forget about is that often, personal finances include more than just one person. Make Love Not Debt covers this niche by being a blog for people living together, or otherwise in a relationship. It’s a bit of differnet way to imagine your finances, but it’s one that it’s important for couples to do. Even if you’re not in a relationship, this blog still holds enough good advice to be valuable for you too.
best financial blogs of 2016
25. Money Cactus

So many blogs focus on helping you keep the money you have, but not Money Cactus. Wealth creation is the sole focus of this blog. And while many of the ideas and advices on the site or for long term wealth creation almost every blog post focus on something that you could do today to make your earn more money for yourself.

24. Money Under 30

Another blog for just young people’s finances, Money Under 30 really nails it. Right on the front page of the website they have a clear menu that outlines almost every major financial decision a young person is likely to make: getting a credit card, buying a car, buying a first home, etc. They even dedicated an entire section of the site to how to navigate student loans.

23. Good Financial Cents

While working as a financial planner, Jeff, the writer of this blog, encountered a couple who was in their 60’s with not enough savings to make it through retirement. They were nervous, and Jeff wants to make sure this happens to as few people as possible. Using both personal anecdotes and high minded concepts, Good Financial Cents has information for people in every stage of their life. It’s a sleek website, and the writing is captivating and very funny.

22. Modest Money

Investing, investing, and investing. Modest Money has news from the investment world, and interesting articles that always shed light on industries, and how you can earn money while investing. This blog isn’t necessarily for beginners, but once you know your way around the block, this is a blog you should absolutely check out if you want to secure some money down the road.

21. I Will Teach You to be Rich

Bold claim, we know.

One of the best parts about I Will Teach You To Be Rich is that rather than focusing on what not to do, the blog focuses on what you should be doing. This sounds obvious until you browse around the content and see the difference. IWTYTBR also has a knack for being grounded in reality, and understanding that most people aren’t going to keep spreadsheets for their budgets, or other things that some blogs might suggest.

20. The Simple Dollar

Unlike many of the other blogs on this list The Simple Dollar is more of a storytelling platform with a financial bent. It’s much less aggressive in the way it hands out advice, and it has all kinds of reading that isn’t necessarily directly related to finance, but will just be inspiring to you. The real beauty of this blog is that it will teach you, but you will learn while it feels like you’re just having fun.

19. Get Out Of Debt

Almost all of these blogs feature articles on how to help get out of debt if you find yourself in it, but few go the extra mile like Get Out of Debt Guy. The blog covers debt for every imaginable angle, and even tries it’s best to alert readers to possible scams from people claiming to be able to get you out of debt (he will even pay for junk mail!). The site also has a debt helpline, and tons of other services to help you break the debt shackles.

18. Daily Finance

Daily Finance is refreshing on the financial blog scene, because it really is about financial decisions you make in everyday life. It does have sections that deal with the more nuanced and long term decisions you need to make, but this blogs bread and butter is the day to day saving and spending any normal person can engage in.

17. Bargain Briana

Even though Bargain Briana is more of a collection of deals than a finance blog, it’s something that every consumer should keep when when heading into doing their grocery shopping. This blog takes deals for massive brands and shows people the best deals week to week.

16. Seedtime

Seedtime is a Christian organization, and takes some of the financial advice it gives out from the bible, but even if religion is not your thing, this is solid information presented in a beautiful way. If you’ve poked through the blog long enough and find it to be of interest to you and your personal financial situation, sign up for the free email courses the site also offers.

15. Bargaineering

Bargaineering, is about much more than where to find the best deals. The blog takes you through banking, saving, investing and many other areas of finance that will help you save money. The site also has an ongoing video series that explains some the intricacies of credit cards, all the way down to how to the basics of picking a stock broker.

14. PT Money

Simple and to the point: this a good way to describe PT Money. The blog gives advice on financial services like banking and credit cards, and also puts out interesting articles on a wide variety of topics, all geared to saving you more money. Also, the blog doesn’t discriminate, there are articles that only someone who has spent a lot of time learning about their personal finances will find useful, and articles that are accessible to even the most novice people breaking in.

13. One Cent at a Time

The beauty of One Cent at a Time is that it can walk you through being a beginner and understanding almost nothing, to helping hone your skills once you’ve been at for years, and you really don’t have to leave the site. The site takes a bit of an old school approach to finances, but the old school stuck around long enough to become old because it works. For anyone of any income or experience level this site can help you keep better track of your money.

12. Zero Hedge

Zero Hedge isn’t so much of a personal blog as much as it is a financial news commentator. It’s not something beginners in the financial world will likely find all that exciting, but it biting criticism of much of the problems the world faces today, and the lack luster solutions proposed by policy makers. The content starts away from fiancee often, but the bulk of it stays in that sphere, and is interesting, alluring, and penetrating.

11. Freakonomics

You’ve probably heard of the mega best-seller Freakonomics books, and you should definitely check out the blog. These posts and videos and podcasts won’t give you any advice on how to build your portfolio, but they will change the way you think about the world. Taking everything from exercise, to having children, to cheeseburgers and putting an economic spin on it is exactly the kind of thing you should be doing when you’re thinking about your own finances, and the guys at Freakonomics do it better than anyone else.

10. Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk takes ridiculous, far reaching concepts that stretch way out to the stratosphere of human understanding and distill them into 800 word posts with a chart. So few blogs have a grasp on what it takes to help people understand what only a financial professional or economist would, but Calculated risk does just that.

9. Money Talks News

Money Talk News is massive. Almost every aspect of a person’s finances has been written about, re-written about, and then covered from five more angles. For two decades MTN has been a kind of one stop shop for almost everything you’d want to learn about finances.

8. The Consumerist

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes the stories are good, sometimes they’re miserable. The Consumerist is a mixed bag, all of its parts put together make the best blog of 2015. Originally a consumer advocacy site, the Consumerist has recently become of a analyst for all things that affect consumers. It’s deliciously snarky, always pays attention to get things right, and will make all of it readers smarter, more educated consumers. You’re never wasting time when you’re reading The Consumerist.  

7. Everything Finance

Everything Fiance covers….well, everything finance. Where many blogs fail, Everything Finance picks up the slack. There are dedicated sections to careers, and work, to investing and breaking free from debt, and just about everything in between. The writing is informative, the website is beautiful, the news is relevant, and the tips are helpful.

6. Felix Salmon

Felix Salmon has bounced around some of the best known publications for a while now. He hosts Slate’s Money Podcast, and this blog has his work for various publications stretching back for years. This site is mostly links to his work other places on the internet, but Salmons insight and understanding are second to none. He picks topics usually fly over the heads of many people in the media or the blogosphere.  

5. Wise Bread

Wise Bread covers a ton of content, all of it relating to finance, but not in a way that feel invasive. Instead of a finance blog that masquerades as a lifestyle blog, or a lifestyle blog with some finance tips, WB is somewhere in the middle. It teaches you things you never knew about finance but never makes you feel like you’re learning something that you absolutely need to know. It subtly implants information while you read genuinely enjoyable material collected from a huge supply of writers with interesting things to teach you

4. The Krazy Coupon Lady

While maybe not technically a finance blog, The Krazy Coupon Lady will absolutely save you money. There is just simply no better website to help people find coupons, great deals, or other money saving tricks than this blog. She writes like you’re sitting next to her, and she’s just excited to tell you about all the money she has saved. Invariably, this gets you excited too.

3. Moneyning

With a no nonsense, yet very entertaining voice, Moneyning takes care to provide you with information that you don’t already know. That might sound silly, but so many blogs rehash information with their own little twist, or with a tiny new piece of information they found on some other blog. This is is not the case at Moneyning. Everything is fresh. If you find a fact of figure that you already know in an article on Moneyning, cherish that moment because you can be sure that it won’t happen often.

2. Money Crashers

With nearly 80,000 subscribers and a seemingly endless pool of interesting and informative articles, Money Crashers has been one of the best finance blogs on the internet for some time now. You never see a headline that looks like it’s there just to fill space, and clickbait is replaced by just genuinely important information you’ll want to read condensed into a title.
1. Free Exchange

The Economist has been a gold standard in writing, news gathering, and interesting information for what feels like forever. It’s rare for old institutions (remember, the Economist was founded the same year the Oregon Trail was) adapt to the online medium well, but The Economists Blog Free Exchange is some of the best writing on the internet about any subject. It covers finance with the same diligence and care that the Economist has covered everything in it’s nearly 200 year history.

Bonus: The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman

The world of finance is complicated, so much so that someone with a Nobel prize in economics can have a hard time figuring it out. Luckily, such a person has been doing exactly that on his New York Times blog for awhile now. Krugman won’t help you find a broker or figure out how to invest your money, but his writing paints a beautiful picture of the overall financial landscape in the United States, and how the superpower’s policy is affecting the global economy. It can be extremely heavy stuff, but if you have a grasp on your own finances and want to know the effects of the wider world, The Conscience of a Liberal is the best blog on the web.    

Do you think we missed anything if so add a blog down below and if we like it we will add it to our list! Happy New Year!

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