June 2017

Amazon’s acquisition of wholefoods a game changer? Don’t jump the gun yet..

Amazon last week announced its intent to acquire Whole Foods for ~14bn. The acquisition would initiate Amazon’s foray into brick-and-mortar space, a reversal of current e-commerce trend sweeping the retail industry. Food retailer stocks suffered a setback on the announcement… Continue Reading →

MSCI’s China A-Shares inclusion – how does it impact the markets?

MSCI announced its decision to include shares of 222 large cap China A-share companies in its benchmark Emerging Markets Index on Tuesday. What does the decision mean? It means that China’s A shares – that are shares of mainland China-based… Continue Reading →

UK and Brexit Negotiations – trapped in the exit?

The Brexit negotiations that started yesterday mark the beginning of 2 years of the extraction process of the UK out of the EU. The beginning of the negotiation process doesn’t change much at the get-go – other than being symbolic… Continue Reading →

Section 232 investigations: will tariffs on steel imports help restore American jobs?

Trump proposed a probe on the impact of steel imports on the nation’s national security via section 232 of the 1962 Trade Expansion Act, in April. The results of the investigation are expected to be released this week. Why the… Continue Reading →

Are FANG and Tech Stocks Really Expensive at the Current Levels? One Ratio Tells the Story

Summary: FANG Stocks (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google/Alphabet) have rallied a few times over the last 4-5 years. This seems to be the case with other tech stocks as well. The rise in the tech stocks has not only been because… Continue Reading →

Tech slump eases – did the global markets overreact?

Stocks of tech giants Apple, Facebook, Google fell more than 3% on Friday with the sell-off continuing on Monday as well and spreading to Europe and Asia. But the slump has abated since then. Why the drop? While there was… Continue Reading →

Qatar conflict – impact on oil prices, trade, and investments

Last week, Arab nations that include Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain, severed diplomatic relations with Qatar citing its support for terrorism. Oil prices rose 1% as the markets reacted to the possibility of supply disruption, but pared gains… Continue Reading →

Why We Are Valuing CityFALCON’s Crowdfunding Round in June 2017 at £4.7m?

You must be wondering what a baseball hit has to do with a company’s valuation but this is the first thing I let most of our investors know – we are going for a home run even if it means… Continue Reading →

Trump’s adieu to the Paris Accord

President Trump announced the withdrawal of the US from the Paris climate agreement last week, arguing it was destroying American jobs. Though the US markets broadly reacted positively to the news, there were winners and losers. Coal stocks trended higher,… Continue Reading →

Dodd Frank Repeal – will the Congress pass the reform bill?

US House votes for the Dodd-Frank repeal this week. What it means? The Dodd-Frank, a law for the regulation of the financial industry, was introduced in 2010 to promote financial stability. Trump is proposing a repeal of the law to… Continue Reading →

UK Elections this week

UK elections happen this week. The conflicting polls about the Conservatives lead over the Labour Party have added an element of uncertainty to the almost certain expectations of a landslide win by the Tories (Conservative Party) a month ago. It… Continue Reading →

Greece Crisis – harbinger of doom or a toothless threat?

European shares, this week, were hit by growing investor worries about the Greece crisis. What does this mean? Greece’s debt repayments are due in July and its lenders meet in June to work out a solution. Greece recently deepened austerity… Continue Reading →

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