July 2017

Bank earnings upbeat but stocks drop. Is there a buying opportunity for investors?

Bank earnings topped estimates, yet prices of bank stocks JPM, C, WFC dropped. What drove their earnings? Buoyant markets helped drive investment banking revenues for these banks, but lack of volatility impacted their trading revenues that proved to be a… Continue Reading →

Crude oil prices’ fine balancing act. Will the markets rebalance?

Crude oil prices rose on reports of global demand picking up and are up about 4% through Thursday Supply woes intensify While the markets welcomed the good news, they continue to remain cautious about increasing supply. The oil market, since… Continue Reading →

UK’s slowing wage growth despite record employment levels – good news or bad news?

After last week’s dismal industry and trade data from the UK, yesterday’s news of falling unemployment levels lent some support to the sterling.However, UK’s slowing wage growth once again reminded the markets of UK’s dimming growth prospects. Why are wages… Continue Reading →

Q2 earnings underway – will energy sector deliver or disappoint?

Big banks like $JPM, $C, $WFC will set the ball rolling for the Q2 earnings season with their reports pouring in on Friday this week. As per estimates, Y/Y earnings and revenue growth in Q2 are expected to be around… Continue Reading →

Illinois credit downgrade – hanging in the budget balance

Moody’s warned yesterday of a credit rating downgrade to junk for the US state of Illinois. The background The state hasn’t had a full year budget for the last 2 years because of disagreement over spend/revenue plan between its Republican… Continue Reading →

Will Women Traders and Investors Outperform in the Online Trading World?

Back in 2015, when I was raising funds for my FinTech start-up CityFALCON, I mentioned that our most active user on the platform is a woman trader who trades from home while her family is out.  I would never have… Continue Reading →

North Korean Crisis – how does it impact the world markets?

Yesterday, North Korea’s missile launch marked an escalation of its nuclear program as part of its survival and security enhancement program. This event has heightened geopolitical tensions and is impacting global markets. The dynamics The Korean peninsula has been marked… Continue Reading →

China’s manufacturing data – is this recovery sustainable?

China’s upbeat PMI manufacturing data for June, published this week, points to an expanding economy and improving economic conditions in Q2. But how should one read this data in light of growth prospects for China? Short-term outlook improving Concerns of… Continue Reading →

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