We entrepreneurs are risk takers. We leave the comfort of our corporate jobs and take a leap of faith to start our own businesses. But some aspects of running a start-up have not changed, and at times, investors, service providers and even entrepreneurs ask questions such as…have you seen anyone else do this? What if investors don’t like it? What if you fall flat on your face while dancing?

Starting the Microsoft Ventures pitch with a dance was Cedric’s idea. Cedric was helping us through our pitch deck and story. I’m extremely thankful to him, and without Cedric we would not have been able to convince all the stakeholders at the pitch.

The idea grew on us, and we realised that this was an opportunity to stand out from thousands of other pitches made each month; we wanted people to remember CityFALCON…the company that started their pitch with a dance! We wanted to communicate a story, and explain our value proposition through our unique performance.  Above all, we wanted to have fun…isn’t that what a start-up is all about!?

Here is the pitch:


During and after the pitch, we had the following reactions on Twitter, and some of the people who had never heard about us were communicating our value prop – “TIMING”.