We have launched our new AI-powered sector classification system DCSC (www.dcsc.ai ) to help users build smart portfolios, research industries, and build better knowledge management systems.

Existing industry classification systems (either proprietary or government) were designed for slow economic and technical changes and less complex economies. Our solution is highly granular, captures complexity, classifies both public and private companies, and offers real-time company-sector relevance scores – all for an inexpensive monthly licence.  

DCSC company-sector relevance scores use our vast underlying dataset of public content and machine learning to update in real-time. Moreover, the 1500 sectors capture emerging industries in their own right, a break from existing systems that force new sectors into old frameworks. Another advantage over old systems is DCSC’s multiple inter-sector relationships that reflect the complexity of the modern global economy. 

As an example, Apple Inc holds the following relevance scores in its respective sectors, and these update in real-time. Moreover, healthtech has two parents (Technology and Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals), which allows the user to track content in both industries, a better reflection of the complexities of the modern economy than other sector classification systems can capture.

Apple Inc's sector tree and relevance scores

Apple Inc’s sector tree and relevance scores

Investors, traders, and other market participants that want exposure to specific sectors in different countries can build smart portfolios using these relevance scores and a few filters, making it easy to diversify. DCSC’s private companies are fertile ground for angels, PE, and VCs. Smart Portfolios make this very straightforward, using DCSC data and a few user-adjustable filters:

Smart Portfolio Builder


Business development teams may use DCSC and Smart Portfolios to target new clients, and strategy or marketing teams can track competitors and their industries or which tangential industries to enter.

Our usual platform works seamlessly with DCSC, so users can connect their smart portfolios to watchlists to track news, sentiment, company filings, investor relations reports, and much more to get a clearer picture.. 

DCSC is highly affordable with free plans for non-commercial beginners. Small, medium and enterprise licences are based on revenue and features. There’s no hidden fees or overages; it’s priced as the company or individual would pay (plus tax of course). See pricing here on the homepage.