Last quarter, our team was busy adding more AI-powered features for financial intelligence and improving user experience. These improvements and features include:

This is in line with our renewed focus on AI and the incorporation of generative AI in addition to the traditional AI powered features for financial intelligence we have been bringing users and clients for years. Our mission is still the same though:  a dedicated commitment to making financial news, content, and analytics relevant and accessible to the users. 

Here are the top features released during the quarter!


Personalised Push notifications

AI Powered personalized push notifications

What is it?

Relevant headlines for user interests, chosen by users from more than 300k stocks, cryptos, commodities, foreign exchange, locations, events and sectors. Users can also create complex topics, like Inflation AND NOT Federal Reserve to focus results even more. This is available on both Android and iOS. 

How is it different?

Unlike other apps where users get standard or generic alerts, CityFALCON users can customise the topics they want AND the timing and frequency of the alerts like days of the week, specific times, and intervals. For example, you could get notifications at 8am and 6pm for pre- and post-market updates plus hourly updates between 9am and 4pm during market hours.

Want to try it out? It’s better with Silver, and lucky for you we’re offering 1 month of our silver plan for free – no credit card required. Use this coupon when signing up:

(expires by December 31st 2023)



Translation from 35 languages to English


AI powered translation from 35 languages to English

An event, reported in a foreign language, just impacted your portfolio. Are you oblivious or do you act to preserve your investments?

As an investor or trader, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in the industry. But what if an event in a foreign country impacts your portfolio and you are unaware because you don’t speak the local language? With so many different languages spoken around the world – and our globally interconnected economies – it can be difficult to keep track of everything.

That’s where CityFALCON comes in! We translate (and curate) financial news from more than 35 languages to English, so you know what’s happening, regardless of which languages you speak.

You can now track your emerging markets portfolio with local content, sourced from the emerging economies themselves, and then have it all translated to English. And global asset classes, like commodities, which can be affected by events anywhere in the world are easier to understand with content in 50+ languages and translation from 35 of them. 

Simply turn on translation from your Story Filters anywhere you have a news feed (translation requires a Gold subscription). 

Know more and never miss important news in any language and go global!


Manage Watchlists

This tweak to our UX helps you effortlessly organise and manage your watchlists so you can stay on top of your investment game. Key benefits of this feature and watchlists in general are:

✅ Fully Customisable Topics: More control over your due diligence and #marketanalysis

✅ More Than News: Insights and analytics beyond stock info and news, from filings to investor relation content and sentiment analysis.

✅ Critical Info on the go: Web and mobile platforms for any time and place.

No watchlists to leverage these benefits? Build your own or try this Magnificent Seven prepopulated watchlist! is here

AI Powered financial intelligence


We’re expanding our AI capabilities, from our original machine learning models and automation to generative AI, like ChatGPT. 

We’ve moved to .ai from .com to highlight this expansion. Read more from our CEO about this transition here.


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