Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Even if the fervour has died down from its heights of Winter 2017-2018, the technology itself is still developing and will continue to do so.

Bitcoin futures launched in December 2017 in the United States and the CME will launch Ethereum indices, raising rumours of eventual Ethereum futures. Since crypto technology is becoming more integrated into standard finance, ICOs continue to attract regulatory scrutiny and financial interest, and traditional institutions have cautiously waded into the waters, we at CityFALCON decided to produce a guide on top cryptocurrency news sites and how best to stay updated on the new asset class, both inside and outside CityFALCON’s platform.

Research and News

If you are just entering the crypto space and want more information on the basic technologies or if you are a seasoned trader with a need for daily analysis, these sites will help you find what you seek.

Some of the most prominent websites for crypto news include Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, and CryptoCurrencyNews (CCN). They all offer varying degrees of the latest news for the cryptocurrency space. They are also among the 2000+ sources that CityFALCON monitors, meaning you don’t have to visit and track these sites every day – simply set up a profile focused on crypto news that you need, and you will automatically be notified of relevant news stories.


This site’s front page is a simple stream of current prices on major cryptos. The individual page for each crypto provides plenty of financial information, including charts, a trade book, an analysis in visual form, and live prices across exchanges. The site also boasts a list of ICOs and a forum. The top bar has plenty of educational and research tools for the procurement, trading, and spending of crypto.


This website utilises a clean layout. They provide the latest financial information and rankings. That information includes prices from across multiple exchanges, the aggregate market cap, number of coins/tokens circulating, and volume. Volume information for top exchanges is also listed on their site. Links to the specific cryptos website, chat platforms, and others appear under each crypto’s individual page. Both tokens and coins are listed, and there is a public API for the developers among you.


Very similar to Coinmarketcap, this site uses a clean layout to display the latest price information. The individual crypto pages provide more detail, such as the algorithm the coin runs on and an extensive list of the trading pairs and which exchanges they appear on. Crypto Coin Charts also provides exchange information. Additionally, they boast a live ICO list with basic information on each one on their own individual pages. An interesting feature is the arbitrage detector, which identifies arbitrage opportunities between exchanges and trading pairs.


This site also utilizes the clean layout, and it offers a wealth of statistics on a few dozen cryptos. One interesting feature is the Rich List, which is a compilation of statistics on how many accounts have how many coins. Many of the cryptos have their own statistics pages, too.


Transaction Information

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have user-friendly websites to delve into the details of transactions that occur on their respective blockchains.

Etherscan compiles information for blocks and transactions. You can easily check out any account or contract in a web browser rather than directly accessing the blockchain through standalone software. The site also generates some nice graphs on various statistics and even some information on ICOs, wallets, exchanges, and other Ethereum-related topics provides similar information but for the Bitcoin blockchain, though it provides much less detail than its Ethereum counterpart.

EthGasStation compiles stats on the costs of Ethereum transactions, complete with calculators and a list of the most active accounts (i.e., those that use the most gas).


Communication Channels

Cryptocurrencies are a new-age, digital technology that knows no geographic, political, or cultural borders. The communication channels are similar. Reddit and social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook, are major sources of information for cryptocurrency happenings. This includes news and analysis but also trading ideas, thoughts on the technologies, and even movements to meet in real life.

If you live in a major city, there is likely an in-person social event nearby, and you can look on social media or meetup sites to find those.

Slack and Telegram chatrooms are often used for communication and especially useful to talk to likeminded individuals on a specific crypto. Many cryptos have official Slack and Telegram channels that may see visits from members of the development or business teams.

When looking at ICOs and new projects, many founders and team members maintain LinkedIn profiles. This can be especially useful in ferreting out scams since they probably won’t have full, naturally-aged LinkedIn profiles. Then again, the technology and space is still nascent and innovative ideas may appear from an unknown person.



The news and research sites from above are useful, and it is also good to monitor subreddits and various social media for the latest information. Word travels fast in the crypto world, and there are often outsized reactions to new information. There is plenty of research information available from the bigger sites, too.

One of the best communication-news-social media financial analysis hybrid websites is TradingView. It allows users to follow particular individuals or groups and their strategy. It does not cater solely to the crypto market either, and there is plenty of user-generated analysis to consume.

Aside from aggregator-type sites, some cryptos have their own, dedicated pricing sites. has a little news, but its main purpose is up-to-date Ether prices. Other top bitcoin news sites and pricing sites, like, allow viewers to see prices across several exchanges.

Note on pricing sites: if you plan to actively trade, it is best to use your exchange’s pricing platform. Most established exchanges offer an API, but even if you don’t want to develop code, you can use their browser-based trading platforms. No resource will get you more accurate price information for your own trades than your own exchange’s pricing feed. Pricing websites are useful for conducting research, identifying arbitrage opportunities, and a sort of early alert system: if prices diverge suddenly, there is likely a lot of activity and volume to ensue. Active trading, though, should be using APIs and price feeds directly from the exchange, as that’s what available for the trade.

In-depth technical information and investments

For long-term investors, it is best to visit the crypto’s homepage and join their social media or other communication channels. Any long-term, high-value investment requires due diligence, and that includes understanding the underlying product. Due to the highly technical nature of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, it is important to have an understanding of the tech. You don’t have to read the technical whitepaper, but at least read and understand a summary of it. An obfuscated and purposefully-opaque paper may be a sign of a scam.

Vaguely-explained goals, technologies, or accomplishments on the crypto’s homepage can point to scams or simply inexperience and ineptitude on the part of the crypto’s development team. There may be a unicorn in that particular project, but it is more likely to fail. Proceed with caution if something seems amiss.

Homepages and other relevant links are available on many of the research sites listed above.


On the topic of new projects, many investors are interested in ICOs. Ethereum-based tokens are relatively easy to enter, but serious new blockchains may have a high barrier-of-entry for retail investors. Regardless, a few websites aggregate and serve information on ICOs.

ICOAlert lists thousands of ICOs and Pre-ICOs, and you can request a report for those not yet completed (you have to sign up). There are some published, in-depth reports on the “reports” page, and they usually contain a detailed explanation of the project and some interview responses from the founders or devs.

ICOBench similarly lists thousands of ICOs, and the individual ICO’s page displays a short summary, rankings and ratings, some key statistics, and a link to the project’s homepage. There are direct links to whitepapers and the ratings come from ICO advisors.

CoinSchedule also has a short summary, some relevant links, and even an aggregate set of statistics for the ICO market overall. There is also a forum at the bottom of each page where discussion can be held. TokenMarket has similar information but for tokens, including which blockchain they reside on.


CityFALCON does not directly compile data on crypto. However, we do help our customers sift through the continuous deluge of news. It is impossible to monitor all the sources without the assistance of computers, and that is exactly what we offer. For the more popular cryptos, social media platforms, various news channels, and other sources of information are too active for any individual to monitor properly. On the other hand, for obscure cryptos, it may be difficult to find any information at all on the top crypto news or traditional news sites. CityFALCON aggregates tens of thousands of websites for information so you will be able to find the news much faster and with much less effort, even if a story only appears on a rarely-visited news page in the hinterlands of the internet.

You will need to compile pricing, trading, and transaction information on your own. As noted above, much of this information should be sourced directly from your exchange, because the price and liquidity available to you will be specific to your exchange. But for all of your crypto news-related needs, leverage our NLP algorithms and significantly reduce the effort to stay current.

At CityFALCON, we help investors do fundamental analysis and build and test their investment thesis by providing them with relevant financial news and content.  Choose what you want to track from the list, and never miss an important news story every again from around the World in 30+ languages – BitcoinRipple, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, ALL Cryptocurrencies.