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We’ve made it easy to drill down into the financial market news universe. Simply choose a topic, asset class, or type of data to begin your exploratory journey and start reaping the benefits of CityFALCON’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to guide your way.

News and Content by Category

Delve into our databases of financial news and content, personalised to your needs. We’ve attached analytics to everything, connected the relevant traditional and alternative data, and built a browseable Big Data universe of all the topics and entities in our systems.

News and Content by Source

Browse the latest content from the sources that most closely reflect your worldview, market outlook, and coverage style from local finance websites to the biggest news providers covering capital markets.

Insights and Structured Data

The financial markets are messy enough as it is. Our algorithms scrape and process and structure financial data to streamline and simplify due diligence and research. Browse that neatly arranged data here.