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Real-time API Pricing Plans

Data in machine-readable format for better decision making.

The Data our API providesWhat our API does not provideAPI Services and Tech
The Data our API provides
Financial, business, economic and political news and videosPublic and private company filings and RNS feeds from SEC, LSE, and global company registriesPublished research and analysisCorporate Investor Relations Presentations and Documents
ESG-related corporate documents, sustainability reports, and other noteworthy CSR contentNon-public and paywalled content (further licensing required)Analytics includes scores for relevance, spam and sentiment analysisKey Headlines of hundreds of stories condensed into bullet pointsInstitutional and Insider TransactionsFundamental financial metricsPrivate company insights
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What our API does not provide
Prices for stocks, cryptos, or other assets
API Services and Tech
NLU named entity recognition (NER) and extraction for your own content
Commercial document OCR to make your content machine-readable
Sentiment analysis for your own content
Taxes will be added where applicable. All prices are in United States Dollars.
Taxes will be added where applicable.
All prices are in United States Dollars.
Business Starter
Starter Plus
Scale Up
Premium Scale Up
$ 240 US/mo
Billed at $ 2,880 US
$ 520 US/mo
Billed at $ 6,240 US
$ 960 US/mo
Billed at $ 11,520 US
$ 3,200 US/mo
Billed at $ 38,400 US
Commercial Use
Enterprise Eligibility
Maximum Revenue
$200k$200k$2m$2mBusinesses of any size
Maximum Funding
$300k$300k$5m$5mBusinesses of any size
Maximum API Calls
Delay in news
No delay
Topics per call
Stories per Response
Search & Access
Banlists for Sources and Articles
Search Parameters
Tickers, TopicsTickers, TopicsTickers, Topics, Sectors, Locations, Asset ClassesTickers, Topics, Sectors, Locations, Asset ClassesTickers, Topics, Sectors, Locations, Asset Classes
Max Search Period
1 month1 year1 yearFull Archive*Full Archive*
Content Filters
Language, Relevance, Source, Time Period
Full text search
CityFALCON Score
NLU tags
Entity Sentiment
Sentiment per Story
Key Headlines
Analyst ratings
Fundamental metrics
Further Content
Trending Topics
Non-public and Paywalled Content
Group or Hide Similar Stories
Corporate ESG reports
Investor relations documents
Reddit Content
Institutional Transactions
Private Company Insights
Regulatory Filings
Insider Transactions
EmailEmailEmail, PhoneEmail, PhoneEmail, Phone
Response Time (hours)
What’s the delay between publication and availability on the API

Some publications make their content available instantly while others stipulate we slightly delay content that is published on their website. The delay between publication and appearance on our site can be anywhere from milliseconds to a few minutes depending on the policy of the publication.

May I redistribute the data via API, RSS, XML or similar methods?

No, we generally do not allow redistribution of the content we provide to you. By default, you are only allowed to show the content on your website or apps to your users or clients. You can not redistribute via API or similar methods.

Please see our Terms of Service for the CityFALCON API for more clarity and legal requirements.

Are there call limits? Do you offer a streaming Websockets service?

There are call limits based on your plan. We have per-hour limits to control usage to a reasonable level to prevent overwhelming our infrastructure, and we have monthly limits by plan level. See our plans for specifics.

We currently do not have any streaming or Websockets services, but we plan to release these features in the future.

Where can I get help with implementation?

We have documentation available for developers. If you need further assistance, we may be able to help if you contact us.

You might find some answers in our Knowledge Base as well.

Why can’t I find a particular publication? Can I request one?

Our sources number over 2000 publications, which we have curated specifically for financial and business content. If you cannot find a publication you want, let us know with a brief explanation. We will review the request, and, if the publication meets our standards for content and credibility, we will add it.

We do appreciate any feedback from users and by telling us about publications, you help us grow our service, too. So don’t hesitate to tell us which publications you want to see included.

Note that some publications ask not to be included in our API service, and we respect their wishes.

Which CityFALCON features (CF score, sentiment, etc.) are available on the API?

The main GET Stories call can take up to 22 parameters, such as language, domain, limit number of results, and minimum CityFALCON score. Which parameters are accessible depends on which subscription plan you choose.

The response is a list of stories, and each story is a dictionary with the Title, Description, associated NLU tags, CityFALCON score, duplicate count, source, author, and language as keys. As other analytics come online, we will extend them to the API. Exactly which keys are returned depends on your subscription as well.

See the documentation for more parameters, keys, and details.

Other finance websites have open APIs. Will you have one in the future?

We intend to release a personal and non-commercial use version of our API for consumers and business in the coming months. You will still need an authentication token, but it is as simple as signing up. The token will be automatically generated for you and you can start right away.

I love your platform, but never coded before. Can you help me build my application?

This depends on multiple factors. We are able to assist with setting up your API access and with some questions. We won’t be able to build the entire application for you, though.

We are launching a consulting service for enterprises to help them implement projects from start to finish. Reach out to us if you have any interest.

Can I search through historical data?

Yes, you can choose the date range and look back into our archives as far as 2014, depending on your chosen plan. However, due to the volume of data, we limit the query range to one month. For example, you may search 30 Aug 2015 to 30 Sep 2015. On the other hand, 30 Aug 2015 to 15 Dec 2016 will return an error.

If you need more than 10,000 stories at once, or if you require a longer query range, consider our Historical Data Sets. These are convenient CSV files of content along with their associated analytics, and they can contain an unlimited number of instances.

What content is available through the API?

Most of the content you would see as a regular user is available via the API. You'll get news stories, CityFALCON analytics, video content, and filings. Of course, some components are only available at the higher API plans.

Contact UsWe are looking to automate the entire subscription process but for now, please contact us to set things up for you.