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We have a financial news plan for everyone. They cost as much as air,

a (really) expensive cup of coffee, or a ticket to the cinema. But for investing success.

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*Full archive is open to 02 Jan 2022. Earlier data coming soon
Additional Features and Add Ons
Access to millions of companies, filings, and more from Companies House UK
Key filings information is extracted by machine, cleanly presented, and visualised
Examine capital and share structure and alternative data
Explore first-in-the-industry share price and market capitalisation graphs for private companies
Drill down into the portfolios of prominent investors
Find the companies with the highest ROIs and largest fundraises to discover the next potential unicorns
See unlocked insights before signing up
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frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for the free trial?
If you start a Silver plan, your free trial will start automatically. We want you to be confident in our product, and we’re so confident that you’ll be confident, we grant free trials to everyone. So all you need to do is sign up for Silver, and you’ll be in Trial Mode for 7 days.

Please note due to overhead costs of Gold plans, we only offer free trials for Silver.

I had an account before CityFALCON Premium. What happens to my account?
All CityFALCON accounts registered before the launch of Premium will automatically be converted to our free Basic plan. If you want to upgrade, you can do so at any time.
Why is my account in Trial Mode?
Since free trials are automatically granted, you’ll be in Trial Mode for the first seven days of your Silver subscription. Feel free to cancel anytime during this period, and your credit card won’t incur a charge. After the 7 days, your plan will become a regular subscription.
How can I see, change, or cancel my subscription?
You can find your current Subscription through the Subscription tab on the desktop platform or on the mobile app (under the More tab). There is no need to leave CityFALCON’s platform.
To change or cancel your subscription, do so in the ChargeBee portal. See our Knowledge Base for detailed instructions on changing and cancelling subscriptions.
Can I change my subscription renewal period?
Of course you can. Head to the Chargebee Portal and simply choose a different renewal period for the same plan level. This tutorial will walk you through making changes to subscriptions.
Does Premium automatically renew?
Yes, Premium subscriptions automatically renew based on the date of purchase and your choice of validity (monthly, annually, etc.).
Why should I pay you for content that is already public?
Many news organisations and publishers have free versions of their service, but these are almost invariably financed by advertisements. Advertisements slow down load times and cluttered the page. When you see public content through a Premium subscription, it will be advert-free, giving you less of a headache when reading lots of information.
Can I get a refund if I cancel?
We cannot offer refunds or partial refunds for purchases. We make very few exceptions. Please see our Premium Terms and Conditions and our Premium Knowledge Base for more info.

The main exception is during the Trial Period for Silver plans. If you are in Trial Mode for a Silver plan, you may cancel at any time without penalty.

Are Premium features still available if I go back to a Basic plan?
Yes, they will be available until the end of the current billing period! We don’t give refunds, but we do let you access the stuff you paid for until your subscription runs out.
Is Premium available in all countries?
You can use Premium content from almost any location. Our lawyers said we have to tell you: our only exceptions are countries where UK companies are not allowed to do business (these are countries under certain sanctions).
Can I share my Premium Content? Do you offer licenses?
You should treat any copyrighted material on our platform as you would any other copyrighted material. So no, you can’t share it by reproducing the content. Of course, you can share links to the content on social media or email the links to your friends and coworkers. We don’t offer licenses, either, so if you want to reproduce works, you’ll need to ask the publisher directly. You also can’t share an account. We have a one-person-one-account rule. See our Premium Terms and Conditions for more info.
How does my subscription work across multiple devices?
You can use your subscription across as many devices as you want, and your changes will even sync! We don’t recommend using multiple devices in the same session, though, because you might confuse yourself by setting filters on one device that will sync across to another device where you are expecting different filters.
Why can I not upgrade from Android?
We do not support upgrades from Android due to the high fees payable to mobile distribution platforms. Please sign up through our desktop or mobile website. See ourshort tutorial for help.